Substances or products causing allergies or intolerances

                   Food                                                               Cereals containing
gluten and products thereof
Crustaceans and procts thereof Eggs and their products Fish and products thereof Peanuts and products thereof Soubeans and products Milk and products thereof Nuts Celery and products thereof Mustard and products thereof
Breakfast menu
Omlette with cheese and ham  embarassed    embarassed      embarassed  embarassed    embarassed  
Omlette with feta cheese and vegetables  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Potatoes pancakes with smoked brisket and onions      embarassed      embarassed  embarassed    embarassed  
Potatoes pancakes with sour cream or jam      embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Farmers breakfast      embarassed      embarassed  embarassed    embarassed  
Porridge with fruit  embarassed            embarassed      
Meat salad            embarassed  embarassed    embarassed  embarassed 
Tongue salad embarassed                   
Cheese salad              embarassed    embarassed  
Hot chicken vegetable salad embarassed    embarassed        embarassed     embarassed  
Salad with smoked chicken             embarassed       embarassed
Vegetable salad with feta cheese embarassed    embarassed         embarassed    embarassed  
Vegetable potty with sausage              embarassed    embarassed  
Mushroom potty            embarassed  embarassed    embarassed  
Potty with pork chop and feta cheese  embarassed            embarassed   embarassed   
Chicken potty              embarassed    embarassed  
Second  courses
 Vegetables with pork  embarassed            embarassed    embarassed  
Pork chop   embarassed    embarassed            embarassed  
Pork chop with mushrooms  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Pork chop with cheese  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Fried chicken  embarassed    embarassed            embarassed  
Pieces of chicken fillet with mushrooms  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Warshaw chop  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Beef strips  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Fried vegetables with cheese              embarassed    embarassed  
French fries with tomato sauce or mayonnaise              embarassed      
French fries with onion sauce and vegetable salad  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
French fries with grated cheese and vegetable salad  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Potato segments with cucumber or spicy sauce              embarassed      
Meat dumplings with sour cream or tomato souce  embarassed    embarassed      embarassed  embarassed      
Gulash soup with beans  embarassed            embarassed    embarassed  
Chicken pieces  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
French fries with chicken nuggets  embarassed            embarassed    embarassed  
 Pasta with chicken and pine-apple              embarassed    embarassed  
Pasta with cheese and ham             embarassed  embarassed    embarassed  
Pasta with beef   embarassed            embarassed    embarassed  
Pasta with chicken               embarassed    embarassed  
Savory pancakes with cheese  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Savoury pancakes with cheese and ham  embarassed    embarassed      embarassed  embarassed    embarassed  
Savoury pancakes with mushrooms  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed    embarassed  
Thin pancakes with sour cream or jam  embarassed   embarassed         embarassed      
Thin pancakes with peach filling embarassed     embarassed       embarassed       
Thin pancakes with apples, caramel sauce  embarassed   embarassed        embarassed       
Pancakes with Ice cream and cheries  embarassed   embarassed         embarassed      
Thin pancakes with bananas  embarassed   embarassed        embarassed       
Fruit salad              embarassed      
Yoghort mousse with strawberries              embarassed      
Ice- cream with fruit              embarassed      
Dessert "Stender's"  embarassed    embarassed        embarassed      
Ice- cream with cherries              embarassed      
Ice- cream with chocolate              embarassed      
Coffee with milk              embarassed      
Capuccino              embarassed      
Cofee latte              embarassed      
Cofee latte with cream              embarassed      
Cocoa              embarassed      
Grenadine tea                    
Tea with honey                    
Milk              embarassed      
Buttermilk              embarassed      
Ice- cream milkshake              embarassed      
Coca cola                    
Ice tea                    
Juice drink Limpa                    
Berr  embarassed                  
Berr Warsteiner  embarassed                  
Beer Cesu premium  embarassed                  
Daily  embarassed            embarassed      
Vegetarian  embarassed           embarassed       embarassed
Granny's  embarassed         embarassed  embarassed       embarassed
Hawaii  embarassed         embarassed  embarassed       
Ansa  embarassed           embarassed       embarassed
Salami  embarassed           embarassed       
With mushrooms  embarassed           embarassed       
Cheese  embarassed           embarassed       
BBQ  embarassed         embarassed  embarassed       
Student's  embarassed          embarassed embarassed       
Mushroom- picker's  embarassed           embarassed       embarassed
Champion  embarassed           embarassed     embarassed  
Crazy chicken  embarassed          embarassed embarassed       
The strong  embarassed           embarassed       
Southern  embarassed          embarassed embarassed     embarassed  
Sunny  embarassed           embarassed     embarassed  
Tuna  embarassed     embarassed     embarassed       
With cucumber sauce  embarassed         embarassed  embarassed     embarassed  embarassed
Greek  embarassed           embarassed       
With chicken gyross  embarassed           embarassed       embarassed
Home- made  embarassed         embarassed  embarassed       
Garlic  embarassed           embarassed     embarassed  
Mafia embarassed          embarassed  embarassed    embarassed   
Rural  embarassed         embarassed  embarassed       
Stender's  embarassed         embarassed  embarassed       
With egg  embarassed          embarassed embarassed