Meklējamai frāzei ir jābūt vismaz 3 simbolus garai
Meklējamai frāzei ir jābūt vismaz 3 simbolus garai

Terms of sale

In order to exclude unnecessary delays and disagreements, please get acquainted with Ltd. ”Arktika G”, unified Reg. No. 41202011496 (hereinafter referred to as the Seller’s or Stender’s pica) terms of purchase and delivery of goods.

  1. It is possible to place an order on the website, in the mobile app, in “Stender’s” pizzerias – Kuldīga, Sūru Street 2, 63323763; Saldus, Jelgavas Street 1, 63823763; Talsi, Lielā Street 30, 63222332; Ventspils, Jūras Street 9, 26181923 vai pa norādītajiem tālruņiem.
  2. Food and Veterinary Service registration numbers: Kuldīga 009523; Saldus 018989; Talsi 032579; Ventspils 035447 or
  3. On the menu, all prices of goods, deliveries and packaging are indicated including VAT(21%). They do not include packaging costs and, in some cases, delivery costs.
  4. You can pay for the ordered product using the bank transfer LOGO. It is also possible to pay for the goods in cash or with a payment card (only at Stender’s pizzerias in Talsi, Saldus, Kuldīga and Ventspils on site).
  5. We accept the following credit or debit cards:
  6. Ordered goods with home delivery (within the city) under 20 euros have a delivery fee of 2 euros, delivery of goods above 20 euros have free delivery. If the delivery takes place outside the city, the delivery price starts from 4 euros.
  7. For ordered goods with home delivery (outside the city) to the places mentioned below, the delivery fee is 4 euros- Ventspils Municipality – Cirpstene, Staldzene, Tārgale, Platene; Kuldīga Municipality – Priedaine, Mežvalde, Ventas ciems, Pelči, Ābeļu ciems, Raidstacija; Saldus Municipality- Druva, Draudzība, Brocēni, Būtnāri, Emburga; Talsu Municipality- Pastende, Mundigciems. If the delivery takes place outside the specified places by mutual agreement, the delivery price starts from 4 euros.
  8. If the customer has indicated delivery within the city at the time of purchase, but the address is specified outside the city, a payment will be charged for delivery outside the city.
  9. The minimum order amount is 8 (eight) euros + delivery costs.
  10. When ordering pizzas at home, you have to take into account the packaging costs- pizza box 28Ø= 0,30 euros; pizza box 50Ø= 0,60 euros; thermal box= 0,30 euros.
  11. One order can be applied only to one delivery.
  12. Special permit (license) for retail sale of alcoholic beverages Series MT. No. 00000000587 ((Special permit (license) for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages))  Appendix no. 21 (Appendix no. 21)
  13. Alcoholic beverages are not sold (served) from 22:00 to 08:00
  14. Alcoholic beverages are not sold (served) to minors.
  15. Upon receipt of alcoholic beverages, the customer must present an identity document-passport or ID card.
  16. If the alcoholic beverages have been ordered and paid for by a minor, then the order is not issued and the money is not returned.
  17. If you need explanations about the product, price, delivery service or other questions, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +371 63323243
  18. When opening the pizza box or thermo box at the time of delivery, we evaluate and accept the product, because the consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal for products intended for immediate use. Cabinet Regulation No. 255 Article 22, paragraph 4.
  19. The product is intended for immediate use, if it is used later, the manufacturer does not guarantee the quality.
  20. Execution of the order starts after the payment confirmation, which can take up to 15 minutes. If after receiving the order confirmation the order execution and delivery time exceeds 60 minutes, the customer is informed.
  21. For orders via the website, the execution time is counted from the moment the customer has received an e-mail or SMS for confirmation and after payment.
  22. If you have any complaints about the quality of the product or service, please inform us via e-mail or by phone +371 63323243
  23. The customer has the right to refuse the order at the time of receipt only for a justified reason.
  24. If the customer has a justified reason, then the client has the right to have a refund for the ordered product or exchange the product for another identical one by returning the ordered product to the seller.
  25. f the customer wants to cancel the order for a valid reason or get a refund for the ordered product, which is returned at the time of delivery, the customer must contact the administration during business hours via phone number +371 63323243 or outside working hours with the pizzeria where the order was made.
  26. The money is returned to the customer within 5 (five) working days.
  27. When ordering food at home, gift cards cannot be used as a payment method.
  28. When ordering food at home, discount cards are not accepted.
  29. If the client has deliberately caused losses to the merchant, they may be required to compensate in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
  30. In case of an incorrect order, the seller reserves the right of withdrawal by informing the customer about the goods at the time of the order.
  31. Payment for goods, packaging, services takes place immediately after the customer’s order.
  32. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only and may differ from the actual product.